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Assistance with succession

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Assistance with succession

Numerous objectives are often pursued when arranging the succession: economic safeguards, fair treatment of all family members, minimisation of tax burdens and, in the case of entrepreneurs, the assurance of business continuity.

We offer comprehensive advice to senior citizens and their families on inheritance law and inheritance tax law, and can act as the executor of the will and play a vital role in preserving the estate and avoiding conflicts.

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Assistance with succession

Testamentary dispositions

The testator can use a testamentary disposition to cancel or amend the legal succession in whole or in part. The succession will not therefore be carried out in accordance with the legal regulations, but under the dispositions of the testator’s last will. When determining the heir(s), the establishment of the prior and reversionary heirs and the granting of bequests, instructions for the division of the estate and the executorship, the testator can consciously and actively decide what should happen to their lifetime achievements in terms of the transfer of assets. A range of provisions can be made for the transfer of assets.

We can help our clients make decisions and advise them on a transfer of assets, from the granting of assets during the testator’s lifetime, the arrangement of testamentary dispositions and the stipulations for the executorship, to the founding of trusts and other legal entities to ensure the preservation of the estate.

Assistance with succession


An executorship ensures that the testator’s will is effectively enforced. The executor must ensure that the testamentary dispositions of the testator are carried out and manage any disputes regarding the estate. The executor may be called upon to distribute the estate (execution of a settlement) or manage the estate over a specific period of time (permanent executorship); both may be required, of course. The executor is not bound by the instructions of the heirs, but shall exclusively implement the will of testator.

Our services as an executor can relieve the heirs of stressful situations. Disputes over the estate are often associated with a range of complex legal issues for which the heirs would otherwise require legal or tax advice. In addition to the lifting the burden from the heirs, we help to preserve the estate and find a peaceful resolution among the co-heirs.

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