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Assistance with guardianship

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Assistance with guardianship

Guardianship does not represent a deprivation of rights. People are sometimes unable to make independent decisions and need support, help and protection. If such individuals have not granted a precautionary power of attorney and other persons cannot act for them, the guardianship court can order a legal guardianship. Legal guardianship is provided for persons over 18 years of age who are unable to make decisions on their own free will.

Legal assistance is advisable if you are considering to arrange or cancel judicial guardianship measures. We can represent your interests and help you find the best solution, both for you as the person concerned or a family member.

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Assistance with guardianship

Guardianship order

If a person of legal age is unable to manage their affairs in whole or in part owing to a mental illness or a physical, mental or emotional impairment, the guardianship court can, at the person’s request or through the relevant authority, appoint a guardian for such individual, § 1896 para 1 sentence 1 BGB.

We can, at the request of the person concerned or a family member, arrange legal guardianship. At the request of the person concerned, we can also explain to the guardianship court that we are willing to arrange legal guardianship and consent to our appointment as guardian.

Assistance with guardianship

Cancellation of guardianship

The arrangement of a guardian is not final, and the person concerned, family members and the guardianship authority may appeal against the guardianship. Similarly, the guardian can also be changed or their range of duties can be expanded or reduced. At least every seven years the court shall, at its own initiative, examine whether the guardianship should be continued unchanged.

We can lodge a complaint against an advisory guardianship or a guardianship previously arranged by the guardianship court if the person concerned objects to the guardianship measures or the selection of the guardian.

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