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Assistance with care

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Assistance with care

An examination of the subject of care is important, because we may all be affected by the need for care. People are living longer than ever before and are less likely to be cared for by family members. It is therefore all the more important to make timely arrangements for care at home or in an appropriate care facility. A knowledge of your rights is therefore crucial to obtain an optimal range of services tailored to your individual needs.

We can advise you on care and living in old age, i.e. on your care rights and the home act. We also review contracts for outpatient and inpatient care and nursing care contracts.

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Assistance with care

Home care

Home care is often the preferred solution. Home care is when persons requiring care receive household, nursing and medical care in their home environment. Care may be provided by family members, an outpatient care service that visits the house every week or every day or by carers or caregivers who live in the home (“24-hour care”).

Many disputes and problems with care services, employment agencies and domestic or foreign caregivers, could be avoided if there is clarity on both sides prior to signing the contract. We can provide comprehensive advice on the legal aspects of home care and can consistently represent your interests regarding the carers or caregivers assigned to provide your care.

Assistance with care

Care in facilities

If outpatient services cannot provide adequate support and care at home, this task can be performed by inpatient care facilities. There is a wide range of care facilities which is becoming even more extensive due growing life expectancy. Depending on the level of support and care, individuals can choose between retirement homes, senior citizen homes and nursing homes.

Care rights cover various aspects. Care is essentially funded through the nursing care insurance. We can advise you on all the legal issues regarding short-term or inpatient care, in particular the funding of a place in a residential home, the conclusion of a private law home contract, your rights under the Housing and Care Contract Act (Wohn- und Betreuungsvertragsgesetz (WBVG)) and on your entitlement to benefits from nursing care insurance.

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